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Jerry Roxas, Logistics & Sponsors

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Jerry Roxas is a professional, published photographer and a seasoned, executive level business consultant with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong background in information technology and software development. As a professional photographer, he has been hired over 700+ times in San Diego alone, photographing everything from Amazon products, engagements, corporate events and weddings. As a business consultant, Mr. Roxas is a firm believer in agile methodologies, and is a Certified Scrum Master. Mr. Roxas’ senior management roles include being charged with overseeing the day to day operational functions of organizations, managing the IT infrastructure, technical support, software development and customer service processes.

As a co-sponsor of Hancock Hangoutz, Jerry is part of the Fear the Mecca Golf committee, and is in charge of all logistics. This means Jerry applies his business accumen to laying the infrastructure of the tournament back office, facilitating communication between all committee members, and assisting with the day of tournament operations.

The Fear the Mecca Golf Tournament is hosted by Hancock Hangoutz through individual committee members that provide their services on a 100% volunteer basis. Putting on a professional, successful golf tournament is no easy task, and requires countless hours of coordination including venue selection, menu selection, logistics, marketing, obtaining sponsorships and auction/raffle prizes (really cool stuff, like golf bags, massages, wine, gift cards and more!), negotiating and securing branded materials, vendors and more. Although all of the Fear the Mecca Golf committee members have volunteered their time to help support the Mira Mesa High School football program , each of them have full time jobs, families and other committements. Hancock Hangoutz thanks each and every one of our committee members, as the annual Fear the Mecca Golf Tournament wouldn’t exist without them! Should you see one of them out our about in the Mira Mesa community or at the Fear the Mecca Golf Tournament, please be sure to show them your appreciation!

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